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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Psyche funda

This post contains a lot of gibberish, therefore use your discretion before taking a glance below:

Machan I am hazzar psyched da...I am must have said this many times as my friend and me proceeded towards quark(eat out in iit), so much so that, while returning back to the hostel, he told me that he was also psyched. I asked him why..He said,"Look, we both are apping abroad, that's our first priority, we both need good recos(recommendation letters), and we need to get some good groundwork in our project before approaching the prof for a reco. Then why is it that I am not psyched while you are."
Me: "What about the case where you are psyched but you should not be, then you will be psyched that you are not 'not psyched' ".

The only case we didn't discuss is where you are not psyched before and you should not be psyched, therefore you dont have to be psyched that you are not 'not psyched'.

If we were to quantify the psychedness of an individual through a psyche function, then by neglecting the last case because of its small probability, it can be seen that the psyche function would be continuous throughout with a defined maxima and minima (both of them global).The maxima would be my case, where I am psyched when I should be, and the minima would be my friends case when he is not psyched when he should be psyched.

P.S: If you have come this far and you are psyched then you are somewhere between the minima and maxima of the psyche function.


kalai said... as psyched as u r!!! :)

hey i got ur offline....but i closed the i lost ur id. y dont u mail me or juz add me to ur friend list?

The Constant Variable said...


i think the globa maxima ..will be psyched more about the fact that your friend is "not pysched" as you are...
it used to happen a lot of times to us...during POE quizzes...we get pysched..go arnd the hostel..see junta are not as psyched yet...and then get pysched more...

NaiKutti said...

u have analyzed analyzed the psyche function well but the conclusion shld be a bit more stronger like this: "a gaussian distribution function fits very well in these cases" ;-)

arbit said...

Gaussian fn. doesn't have a minima does it...;)

NaiKutti said...

yes, it doesn't... and this function wouldn't neglect ur last case and hence more comprehensive ;-)

arbit said...


pushkala said...

ena maa idhu ... nee IIT product daan.. adukunu ipadi yaa.. orae ..maxima minimaa .. gaussian fucntion nu solaraaa!!!!

arbit said...

mannikavendum push, you are right, there are many other functions like gumbel ditribution,log-noraml distribution, that can be used to fit my theory...;)

The Ignoramus said...


Chumma said...

ystrday's pysche value is the historical maximum i guess...hehehe

arbit said...

Yep dude..totally agree..

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