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Saturday, October 01, 2005

5k update

Chennai weather is really suck. I have been observing the past three weeks, the following pattern:
It gets really hot and humid two - three days before it rains and before you finish whining about the hot weather...bam! - Heavy shower for 2 - 3 hrs that makes the track literally useless. Even today, all was fine and dandy till 2pm and then the rain-gods showed their wrath....So the 5k's been postponed to monday or tuesday...good thing in a way as my thighs are still sore from yesterday's race.


NaiKutti said...

i have seen this almost during every inter-hostel athletic events... it really sucks, when u prepare mentally just to see the event being postponed... good luck again...

arbit said...

Thanks dude..hey did you know a guy called 5k and someone called boppanna..

NaiKutti said...

yes, i knew... 5k was ravi and the other was gopanna (he was the sprinter)... both probbly were in the same batch and graduated in 2002 or 2001?... awesome runners!... one os the reasons why we got inter-iit in 1999 (after a long long time)

Kennenisa Bekele with the WR

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