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Thursday, November 03, 2005


Life..what do I seek in life? Is mere existence enough? That I will anyway do, oneway or the other. What is it that I want to do in life..? Looking at things as of now, my plan's to get a doctoral degree, but what after that? May be a job in a company or a prof in some univ...What after that?..This question can be asked n number of times till I reach the time when I look back on all things I have done at my death-bed and maybe have one or two regrets about things I could have done, before passing away!...
My point is, is there any meaning to any of the choices we make in life ,or is it more meaningful to analyse what is it that we do once the choice is made.For example, I think it wouldn't matter to me whether I were to live a life as a farmer or a scientist, provided 'I like what I do and I do what I like'. I have always wanted be an astronomer, but having entered an engineering stream , it might be difficult now to revert back to my initial interest. Now, whether what I am doing right now interests me is the question to be asked and to that I answer a resounding yes.Why? - Why not? My other interest has been trains - Every year during summer vacations, we would travel from hyd to chennai to my uncle's place. I used to simply get awed looking at the train, the engine chugging in to the station, the sounds and ofcourse the sights from the "window seat".Though I never fancied being a train driver, I wanted my work to be associated someway to trains.
Coming back to the original question, even if I were to take up a career that were related to my interests, is that enough? Isn't what you do after having made that choice more important. Taking up work that I like will only help me get into the 'thick and thin' of things quicker, but to sustain it is an altogether another task, which I think is what is I should be aiming at.

Let's take an example: You have two tasks A and B. A is something which you like to work on based on your exposure to the field to which the task A belongs and on the other hand B is a task which is not to your liking.
Whereas you might get a good start on A and maynot even start B, the sustenance of the work towards the two tasks is altogether another issue. In a work environment, a tough supervisor might do the trick, but what if there were to be no one to monitor your is it that you
ensure that you keep up the pace of your work and not end up in stagnation...? The only way I see this happening is through setting up goals...Not goals that are merely to be acheived as in a deadline, but goals which really serve to keep you motivated through your work...These goals boil down to the core things that we seek in life.They are mostly related to the improvement of self, either intellectually or spiritually or both.
Even the will to 'just do it' is a form of spiritual exercise, if the will is strong, you wouldn't have to look for just do it, no matter what.It is interseting to note that people of great acheivements are people with great will power and this is something that is developed over a period of time, and the best time to start is when you are really young. Unfortunately, the current education system does not emphasise development of these core values and are rather career oriented and competition rules here.Instead of just mugging up facts in history, if opinions were to be asked of students as to the analysis of a particular event , thier critical thinking skills would be enhanced.Courses in logic and problem solving would do a world of good in paving the path for a better life. Though it can be argued that children aren't that mature enough to start thinking logically at an early stage, we haven't really experimented to see if that is true.It is an irony that the need for these things are felt later on in life and nothing is being done about it.


pushkala said...

few things in this world are often not to our liking. but y not learn to like things
when u ve strong ..unchangeable mindset life becmes tough..
unlike htis approach.. try being open minded.. try accepting or atleast understanding watever cmes by it a person or a project....u ll definetly c a sea chnge in life!!


NaiKutti said...

if we call the three main growth a man needs as physical, mental and spiritual, our education system is just focussed on mental and that too not in the right way... the thinking/questioning is not there and thats something to work on... apart from mental, physical and spiritual are equally important and no care is given to that...

i think setting goals to motivate is needed only when u don't like what u do... so if u r liking what u do, i don't think that needs any motivation...

btw, ur post was not readable coz of the template...probably i just hit ur blog at the wrong time (while u were experimenting)... i had to go to the view source of the html and read the post :-)

arbit said...

Indeed I was trying out templates..obviously the contrast wasn't
proper, though a great template...U may be right to an extent...depends on the distractions available at hand during work ;)

kalai said...

"I have always wanted be an astronomer, but having entered an engineering stream , it might be difficult now to revert back to my initial interest."

this is REALLY spoooky....u never told me this...when i was saying the same thing to u! anywayz am still trying to get back to astro! nothing is impossible! :)

arbit said...

"Nothing is impossible"..true - All the best.
p.s: Space travel is also a mode of transportation ;)

armadillo said...

I am impressed, you are very much right about our education system. One more thing additional to what you said about setting goals of their interest - development of mindset of our kids, starting from making them to wear shoes and socks, tie and belt (in a tropical country like ours) and making them lose their sense, they cant even realize that they are doing nonsense for nothing. I wouldnt dare killing parents who pay capitation for their kids, things start from there only... Those kids become tomorrow' lecturers in springing colleges, and here it goes, the future products will more trash than ever... the system has to have a change from the scratch or we perish !!! Already we are techno slaves... still i see light at the end of the tunnel :-)

Cecilia said...

Hi Karthik: I am currently in a not-sor-very-challenging job, and in terms of a career, it pays average, but I am sure it will get me to better places and yes I do find having goals the best wya t work through something that you like, but is difficult- like running.

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