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As a post-note, I have run a half-marathon, but I am yet to attempt a marathon, which through some concerted effort and time should happen in the future, but that ofcourse is not the culmination of this blog, it would on the contrary be something to jumpstart this blog onto new vistas.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Running history

I have never been a serious runner until recently. Yeah, I did some jogging when I was a little 8 year old kid, inspired by the morning shows on our good old doordarshan, but nothing much really. I would participate in the 100m, 200m races in school...nothing more. But after coming to IIT, running has become a real passion. I tried my hand at footer but failed miserably..decided in the 3rd year that I had to be a something in sports..there started my fight for INTERIIT. The training was really good, but I didn't make any mark. I have got one more year to show my mettle and I shall hopefully do it.Living in a hostel, which was never good at athletics, it was tough to be motivated, but all the same I did some homework and was placed third at the roadrace held this march 26th(8k in 34:45, an above average decent time). My goals/plans for the future are to do as many marathons as possible and keep improving my times in the middle distance events (5k, 10k).
My idol is Yiannis kouros, the ultramarathon machine(but he doesn't see himself as a machine) who has run 305 kms in 24hrs and has claimed that the above record shall not be broken for centuries to come!

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