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Monday, April 25, 2005

Heavy legs

I wondre if that is the best term to describe my condition....yeah, my barefooot experience I had yesterday has had late after effects.
My friend, room neighbour and room mate in the first year seemed excited today, he wanted to run...! I said I was not in a good condition because of yesterday's experiment. He said I was not consistent and walked away to the stadium, leaving me to wonder the truth in his words. Vivek, a simple bihari, is a man full of contradictions. It was I who had motivated him yesterday to go for a run, he told me running doesn't interest him much, that he would come with me(yesterday) only because I wished to run. Some background on Vivek: He tried very hard to get into the hostel hockey team last year, but failed...poor vivek, anyway he told me that it was the last straw and that he would never take up any sport.
Arrive this sem, jan - may 2005 and I have some additional enthu for getting in the daily runs..Vivek says "Arre yaar tum bahut achcha daud raha hai, kal se mai be chalunga".
Well that commitment lasted till the quizes(exams) came, after which he didn't run till yesterday!

Talking about exams, I have them coming up this friday on...endsemesters. I have enjoyed blogging here the theses two days. Lets see if I continue later on.
P.S: My legs are still feel heavy but I plan to do nothing about it.

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