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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A nightout to remember

I had no intention of putting a night out. I was mugging the whole of afternoon and evening yesterday(actually copying notes to be mugged next week). I came back to my room from the lib. at around 11:30 pm. Then I did some browsing on the net(usual running sites and ofcourse some blog reading), before I knew it it was 1 am.
Now, a wild idea occured to me, what if I go cycling out say in another 3 hrs???
Well this idea was not entirely random as I had planned to do it the day before, but couldn't get up at 5am. So I thought, what if I can't get up at that time, I will stay awake and do it anyway...and that's what I did..
Come 4'o clock and I thought, maybe I should catch some sleep...I got an endsem exam tomorrow!! But then I could hear the birds starting to chirp outside and I decided to start now, thinking of how good it would be once I got onto the ecr road.
So there I was on the road at 4:30 am, pitch dark slipping out silently out of iit....My destination???????? - Muttukadu Lake , a beautiful place 21 kms from tiruvanmiyur. I started my stopwatch around 5 minutes after passing tiruvanmiyur and I mentally noted the times at the following landmarks..You see it is for the sheer thrill of cruising on my racing cycle BSA Mach, that I am here.
- I hit Prarthana drive-in at 11 minutes..I am cycling at a steady 30kmph
- Next up, is VGP golden baeach at around 13 minutes.
- Now, my thighs have started aching but that's normal! I reach a point which says:
Mahabalipuram - 32 kms, Pondicherry - 129 ms. Hmm...20 minutes past.
- Next I see two places named punayur and uthandi. Somewhere here a highway patrol passes me and one of the guys gives me a stare..I smile back.
- Now comes the toll road...and ofcourse cyclists are let free...It's 28 mins on my watch.
- I am still going at a steady pace of 30, how do I know? well, I saw the time between to milestones..28 km and 27 km to mahabs...2 mins right on dot
- Next comes MGM Dizee world..I have covered 19 kms so farand have taken 40 minutes..not bad!
- Now here, I notice that a tvs has just overtaken me and that it is just a little bit faster, so I decide to overtake took me 1 minute to catch up, but the guy had slowed down by then...I wanted to know my speed then..could have been 38/40..
- Atlast Muttukadu lake in sight..
What's so unique about this place you ask. Well, there is a bridge here and to the left of it, you can see the backwaters meeting the sea and a small stretch of land separating them... That's what struck me as really scenic when I first saw it( this is my third trip here). To the right of the bridge is the boating club with a few boats docked around the pier.'s 5:30 now and the sky is getting lit up by the twilight...I see two fishermen down...I take in the moment. It's amazing how when a bus or a lorry passes whizzes by you, when you are sitting on the guard rail of the bridge, the road seems to shake as in an earthquake!
I see that I have already spent 1o minutes here.. I am having a slight headache not having slept so far. After giving a last long glance, I depart back to my room..another 21kms..but this time it takes me only 45 minutes. I am damn hungry as I reach the taramani gate.It's 6:15 am..I see a few students cramming there over tea and smokes .. They give me a strange look. One of them asks me if I am coming from the beach...I give him a grin..That's true ain't it!


Deepa said...

Hi karthik,

It's really amazing how u cud be so cool before your exams... not in my wildest of wildest dreams in the night before the exam can I think of cycling at 4.30 a.m. and that too 42 kms. to and fro!!!

Now I understand how much u love cycling ... :)

arbit said...

Thanks for the appreciation deepa, Yeah I do love cycling but there wasn't an exam the next was 2 days later, but anyway it was an exam prep. week and quite a few guys got psyched by my adventure.

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