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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Indian marathoners

Why can't we have indians running 2:15 time..why??? I have thought a lot on this and have come to a conclusion that there are many reasons for this..:
1) People are not aware of the distance..the usual questions asked are..what is the distance?
Can people run so long????..crazy really..given the proper training yes...
2)Speaking about training..if we have good coaches, and I mean internationally renowned ones, we could have some talented pool representing india on the international scene..
3) We hardly have any races being held in India....only recently with the bombay international marathon begun last year, IAAF halfmarathon held in newdelhi last year, bangalore international
marathon going to be held on may15th, that India is finally beginning to discover a new sport...the money in these races are huge...around 20,000 us$ or more and we get to see some kenyan runners blazing the roads.
there are other local races being held, like the chennai marathon..around feb., thane varsha marathon on 15th june, thiruvananthapuram marathon, etc..but the competition here is visibly poor..rather nonexistent.
4) Another point to be noted is that the people winning these marathons are mostly jawans from the armed forces who are able to pull off the times they run on the training they get there..but
apparantly this is not enough...

Some suggestions: We should have very well organised state level races to bring out talent..the competition in these races should be of a very high level...It is easy to see why USA is the top destination for the marathoners..a)the sheer volume of races held b) the money.
To conclude, there is no dearth of talent here in india, being the second most populated country in the world.
Even casual joggers can become subelite/elite class if only they had the motivation and the trianing required for raising to such levels...There are many examples to prove the above point...Sandy Jacobson of canada,Emily Levan, etc

Running is such a simple sport(yes there is no doubt about that), all it requires you to improve is...RUN

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