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Saturday, May 27, 2006

When I cry

Tonight was a very rare momentous occasion, an occasion akin to a Halleys' comet sighting or the occurence of a Tsunami, a once in a lifetime event; an occasion when I felt like crying. The reason for this spectacle was that my frustration in life had reached the zenith and needed an outlet. I simply wanted to have 'it', but ofcourse it wasn't possible. I had just gotten up from a dream where I was relishing a simple south indian meal - Radish sambar rice and aloo curry; nothing more nothing less.Why can't dreams, being almost as real as real life, not be filling I thought.
I had had a light early dinner tonight and was facing the consequences now. The RR caterers at Narmada for vacation mess are doing a pretty decent job with great aloo parathas on tuesday nights and dishing out the best 'mess' lunch I have had in my 5 years here.The sambhar at dinner tonight was comparable to a home made 'mouth-watering' one and that was the reason for my usually dreamless sleep invaded by inviting culinary sights and aromas. Luckily and thoughtfully, I had bought a packet of 'hide and seek' biscuit after my dinner, just in case, and that was the only thing I could munch at 1 in the night. Granted, it can't replace drumstick sambhar rice and curry, but it will atleast let me go back to sleep with or without dreams.


EP/ UK said...

lol!! crying for sambar rice!! u r the god!

arbit said...

He he...yep da..that was kind of a satire..but yes I like sambar rice when done rite and mixed with nostalgia..:D

sathish said...

thookalthula sambar saadama.... ellarukum aishwarya rai, sushmita sen, asin ippadi thaan varuvaanga...

arbit said...

That's precisely what this post is about :-)

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