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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Road rash

I had been to my relative's place today morning. Had some fun time there during the day. When the time approached for my departure, my relatives graciously offered to give me a lift back home, so that I could pick up my cycle a few days later.
I graciously declined, declaring that it was fun cycling on main roads. Then they offered me a piece of advice on how to be very cautious on the roads and to stick to the left of the road, etc. I nodded my head(in agreement ofcourse). On my way back I stuck to the traffic rules, especially the one about overtaking from the right. Yep, I kicked some serious ass tonight. The lack of traffic on the roads at around 9 in the night did help me get from ashok nagar through kathipara junction to cancer hosptial, adayar(8 - 8.5 kms) in 16 minutes. I had some real fun watching the almost incredulous looks of some of the two-wheeler guys on the rajbhavan road. Overtaking autos on roads is not new to me, but hero-hondas, pulsars and the like, well, that was really thrilling!


EP/ UK said...

lol!! a racing bike right?

arbit said...

yep :)

Anonymous said...


NaiKutti said...

ur subject reminded me of the famous computer game "road rash"... we used to play this like crazy during UG days !!

arbit said...

yeah..I have also played the nfs-2(need for speed) times

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