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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Usher in the ultras

Looks like we are entering a new phase in distance running with two official ultra races being organised this year in India. The dates are tentatively scheduled to be on 15th August and 23rd August 2006. I say tentatively, because the organiser for these races is the same as our good old Bangalore marathon(which has been postponed from May to August this year) organiser, Coindia. I wonder if they have the technical know-how to organise an ultra race such as the 24hr track run and the 10 day race at Bangalore and Mysore respectively. Without strong guidance from an established ultra runner/runners, these races are sure to be an organisational flop. Ultra races are a different ball-game because the aid stations(which would have the necessary food/health drinks/water) have to be operated 24x7, unlike in a marathon where it would be a 5-6 hr affair. Also, medical assistance is of great importance on the track, for the body when subjected to great stresses during these races may not behave predictably. Ideally, these races are best organised by experienced ultra distance runners; but given that this is a fresh start, Coindia can be given another chance to prove that it doesn't goof up on a regular basis.
On another note, it would be interesting to see the number of people who participate in the 24hr track race(from India) and the crazy insane 10 day race, which I am sure would be left alone by most Indian runners. According to Arun Kumar Bharadwaj(who might do the 10 day race), a participant in the 10 day race has to cover a minimum of 42.4 km(106 laps) per day so as to stay in the race and cannot be away from the track for more than 8 hours. That's like running atleast a marathon a day for 10 consecutive days. Whew!!!


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NaiKutti said...

Ooo.. will they gather enough participants for the 10 day race?

arbit said...

yeah that's what I am wanting to know..though I think the international community will definetly turn up in decent numbers(double digits!!)

Phil Essam said...

Thanks for your kind words about Arun. I was going to be involved with Darshan in organising the ten day race, but unfortunately didnt work this year. On his record in marathons, Im sure that Darshan will be good for ultras in India, but he will need all runners in india to be POSITIVE and give him and ultras a go!...I believe the 24hr looks like being a goer

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