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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Random musings

Childishness is a trait defined by unnecessary fretting and fuming over things, being silly, etc. When people talk of a child growing up and becoming an adult, what they essentially mean is that the child has given up its immature(childish) ways of doing and seeing things and also has developed the faculty of reasoning and thinking to a reasonable extent.

But is there some trait or quality or character of a child that should be preserved as one transitions from childhood to adulthood?
Child-likeness is something that most people lose somewhere down the time-line of life. Child-likeness is the quality of being simple, un-sophisticated, inquisitive and cheerful. The gradual de-sensitisation to the surroundings and the inability to express joy and wonder at small things in life is the beginning of a slow-death, the death of child-like enthusiasm in us. The excitement which existed when you shifted house into a new locality, had slowly waned, and now you travel from home to work, without even a glance at that great banyan tree which is the pride of your locality and at which you were in awe, when you first sighted it.
When, when did this indifference begin? You don't look at your surroundings and express the same joy as earlier because you are used to it and ofcourse, you don't have the time!

When this starts hapenning, when this disease of indifference sets in and becomes deep-rooted, we need something dramatic to cheer-up our mundane and boring life. People do this in many ways. Gossip is one means where, people get to know about something exciting or unusual happening in somone else's life. Rumours are another means that help feed the imagination of people, keeping them excited till the rumour, which had been mis-construed, gets cleared. The whole idea behind weekend get-aways is to get involved in something exciting and enjoyable that doesn't seem to happen during week-days. Ofcourse, being pretty busy meeting deadlines, gives us an excuse to live life, the way we do.

If we were able to enjoy our work and be more open to the little things that life has to offer, everyday would be a weekend, where pressure and worries would be non-existent and deadlines would be a mere formality of no consequence. Life would then be effortless, where every action would be done out of the sheer joy of doing it and not with a sense of trepidation of the consequence(failure/success) of the action.


Deepa said...

This very trait you mentioned is what symbolizes childhood and makes us feel nostalgic about that phase of our life...

I think the best way spice up your boring life would be to rediscover the child in you... I do that by pampering myself and indulging in the things that I don't usually do... like eating a large bowl of ice-cream in icy cold weather, jugalbandi with friends going late into the night and many more...

pushkala said...

often i find ur blogs discussing things far too ahead of my child like thoughts!
sooner i shoul try to catch up with ya blogs

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