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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Just do it

The inability in seizing the moment
has wounded thee in ways indescribable
What stops thee from plunging?

Plunging into the ocean with synergy,
A synergy arising out of the coming together
of faculties; of senses, of the mind, of the body
with an aim of merging with the ocean
Of an ocean once familiar,
once experienced with immense delight
But now a distant haunting memory

A memory that shows the entrance
An entrance to the path
A path that has to be walked
Not just talked about

Knowing very well the path
Has not made the exploration any easier
For, oh ignorant thee,
Thou has yet to take the first step,
The step to mark the victory
over the inital barrier

Beyond the barrier
Oh dear one,
lies what you seek
So, oh seeker of truth
fear not, and forget not
The old adage,
'Just do it'

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