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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Pain in the neck

Most of us know and use the term 'pain in the neck' and its more popular variants. Instances: 'He/she's a pain in the neck', 'This work or duty is a pain in the neck'. But then this usage is obviously metaphorical and figurative.
I got to know the literal meaning of this expression, when something
struck a chord in my neck, making it exruciatingly painful to turn my neck to the right or even nod my head.. Ignoring it to be a minor twist, I continued doing whatever I was doing till I started getting comments from people:
" Your right hand side of the neck is swollen", " Why are you speaking with your head tilted?", "When you turned your head 270 degrees, I thought you were mimicking a robot!".
And when I tell them that all this is because of a muscle pull in the neck, I get three different opinions: "Apply one of moov or iodex", "Visit the doctor immediately",
"There is no need to visit the doctor, this is something that happens once in a while."
I being a little whimsical and unsure during this time , first applied some muscle relaxant, then was going to visit the doctor, but because of the latest opinion, proceeded towards the mess for dinner.
Just when I was happy on not receiving any more opinions, someone says: "Hey, your neck is tilted 5-10 degrees to the..the left. What hapenned?". I tell him that it's due to a neck twist, possibly due to having slept in an awkward position. He tells me, "this looks serious, get to the doctor right away." I try arguing that it is a trifle, nothing to be worried about, but he has me convinced.

As this conversation occured at the hostel gate, I am atleast sure now that I wont be receiving any more opinions as I head towards the hospi.
At the hospi, the junior medical officer(JMO) seems to be having dinner. So I sit down and wait patiently and observe a kid who repeatedly runs away from his mother along the corridor, only to be brought back by the mother after sometime.

Then the JMO arrives and our conversation ensues:

She: "What's the problem"?
Me: "I seem to have twisted my neck"
She: After examining my neck for two seconds, she says "You could have an injection or tablets, which do you prefer?"
Me: Thinking to myself, Injection? uh-huh.
Where would I receive the injection? (fearing it to be given in the neck)
She: On your back ofcourse.
Me: (with conviction) I will have the tablets.
She: (smiling and amused) The injection would have an immediate effect while the tablet might take an hour for the effect.
Me: Oh, that's alright, my neck's been twisted for about 4 hrs now.
She: Oh! ok!!

What was surprising about the hospi visit was that, I wasn't aware that these pain in the necks had a standard injection or tablet medication, that could have a quick effect. Its been almost a day since I happened to be afflicted by this neck muscle pull and though the severity of pain seems to have simmered down, the pain in the neck as such remains to bother me!

Coming up (tentative): Now and then, Gaming addiction, What ails the undergraduate program, Freedom


Keshi said...

That would have been a real pain in the neck Karthik ;-)


pushkala said...

once in a while its good to enjoy even pain!!
people will atleast learn to appriciate the feeling of PAIN

arbit said...

@keshi: yep it was..

@pushkala: masochism righto..

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