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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A practical joke.

Life can get too monotonous out here with the case-studies to be read daily..So I decided to pull one on this popular guy(we are a group of 10 here in IIMA) called KG.

We are provided with telephones in each room with an internal 4 digit number xxkg (where x,k,g belong to (0 - 9)). So I call this guy KG..xxkg..This is how the conversation goes...

Start time: 22:15.

Me: Is the number yyzz xxkg ( My tempo really slow to reflect the typical chennaivasi and the voice a little modulated) ??.
KG: No it is ylzz xxkg...(pause)..Is this amith*?
Me: No this is Neelakantan and I am a good friend of your father.I..(break)
KG: Yes sir, please tell me sir (very attentive)..
Me: So, I have come here on an official purpose and I shall be there here till tomorrow night.
KG: Yes sir, please continue...
Me: I am based in hyderabad working at DRDL, I had been to chennai briefly and your father had requested me to deliver you a package...
KG: Yes sir..
Me: So can we meet sometime tomorrow afternoon or evening...
KG: surely sir, where are you right now, sir?
Me: I amput up at a place called vastrapur, I believe it is close...(break)
KG: It is just 1 km away from IIMA, sir.
Me: So can we meet at say the IIMA gate at around..(break)
KG:..Can I have your cell phone number, sir?
Me: (pause)..Yeah..note down..
KG: Yes sir..
Me: 98932 43527
KG: Yes sir, I got the number..Your name again sir?..
Me: Neelakantan*
KG: I will surely contact you tomorrow..
Me: Good, So kannan*, you are doing a summer programme here I believe..
KG: That's right sir..
Me: And you are a part of the 5 year dual degree course at IITM or..?
KG: Yes sir.
Me: Yeah..your father had mentioned that..You see your father and me go a long way back..
KG: (cutting me short)...Sir, I will surely call you tomorrow sir...
Me: Ok Kannan*, good bye..
KG: Good night sir..

Finish time: 22:22

Now, I had mentioned this to a guy called SS* at around 1:00 am in the night..We had a good laugh. I asked him not to blurt this out until the next day's lunch..

Come the next day...

We have this presentation by 2 groups(including KG's group), the session get's over by 11:30..
But the lunch here starts only at 12:30 pm..So we decide to head to the library. Now I got involved in searching for some journals/books for my project and by the time knew it, it was 2 pm. Hmm..SS* might have revealed the true Neelakantan to KG and everyone would have had a good laugh.I didn't think about it till 5 pm, when one of the ten guys, NJ* told me what had happened....Man did I have a good laugh..

KG comes to the common room (Dressed to kill) at 2 pm. Every one is seated watching a movie..He says.."Machan, I have to go to MDC (the telephone booth) to make a call".

Now, SS* starts laughing..He blurts out in bits that it is me and not Neelakantan who had called him..KG tries in vain to explain to the others sitting out there that it couldn't be me..he tells out the details of the conversation...SS* is thoroughly enjoying the moment..but others don't seem to understand.
As everyone gets a hang of what's going on, there is an uproarious laughter..KG doesn't seem amused..He tries convincing SS* that this can't happen to him..But SS* by now is out control, rolling on the floor...Finally KG calls the number(after 15 minutes of denial) to prove that he was right..but alas..the number didn't exist...

Well..I met him in the evening, and he still claims, that it wasn't me who called, what a day! These are tales that shall be told for a long long time to come.....

( * - These names are used to protect the privacy of those concerned).


Shruthi Srinivasan said...

Gud one...

arbit said...


Anonymous said...

well you seem to have 'protected' the privacy of some of the starred guys but I guess it is pretty ob who they are

arbit said...

As long as it is not ob to those not involved in this gimmick, the * has served its purpose

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