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Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Came here on may 7th for a summer course and project. It has been hectic so far and I think it shall continue to be so for another 50 days.
Well IIMA has some awesome architecture- you can see a lot of arches around and all the buildings are built solely of brick and cement and the outer surface is left as such to give it that natural look. The campus is not very big(as compared to iitm standards), but there are many lawns out here and again amazing buildings...there is even a subway passing below a ring road connecting the old block to the new one.
I was disappointed to find that there is no dedicated track for running available, though there is a football ground which won't serve my purpose..
Anyway, I ventured out the campus yesterday to check out the gujarat university grounds. The traffic was nauseating, i guess the peak hour time, and I lost my way thanks to the directions of a security guy inside. But, that was in a way good as I got to run for a total of 20 minutes. The gujurat univ. grounds is a massive two grounds with only one of them under use for running . It was dark by the time I reached it and I decided to come back the next day to hit the track...and set it ablaze!

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