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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Grubbing like a moron

Well, that's one good thing that I have been doing here as frequently as possible in between the hectic schedule and the searing heat of ahmedabad. One of my friends not used to such extravagant food, has had more than his share of delicacies and has taken the punishment of loo. Ofcourse, he is very cautious now and we keep teasing him now and then, and that keeps him checked. As for me, I have managed to stay below the threshold, but yesterday after a 30 minute run, I gulped many servings of curds and downed lots of water and still managed to have the main course of chapattis with three side dishes, halwa and salads, due to which I have a temporary potbelly! Commented a friend of mine who doesn't run, "I have to start jogging from tomorrow, else I will put 10 kgs in 1 month"...quite possible.


prem said...

saale lagta hai u guys r getting proper north indian food
ab samajh we manage here in iitm

arbit said...

Haan bey...woh jo bogs ja raha tha..aur koi nahi hai..mathi hai..ha ha ha..Aur kya bol..btp kaisa chal raha hai>
Abey yaar yahan tho bahut give up ho gaya..mere ko sachmuch sardard aa gaya..dhup ke karan..sab concrete buildings hai aur oopar se terrace ke neeche he hain..
Give up yaar..Main give up mar rahan hoon...

The Thinking Runner said...

I know that heat - I was in Ahmedabad for seven years - without air-conditioning, I might add. I emailed you some info about me to the yahoo address listed in your blog profile.

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