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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Pleasing music


I have always found Mandolin Srinivas's rendition of Muthuswamy dikshitar's compositions (Mahaganapathim, Kamalambal Bhajare, etc) particularly delightful. U srinivas is ofcourse an accomplished player of the modified mandolin, but a lot is left to be said about the creative genius, the composer.


Priyank said...

Another awesome performance! I haven't seen him play live, so thanks for this video. Since I am a totally Hindustani music guy, I do not understand the intricacies of Carnatic style, but I thoroughly enjoy it anyway!

arbit said...

Hi priyank.. Glad that you enjoyed it. Even I am not clear on the technical details, but since I have heard a lot of carnatic music, I enjoy it anyways. Hindustani music - I have heard Taufeeq quereshi and Nilhadri (sitar) at a live concert - Great experience. Ofcourse, Zakir Hussain!
This piece really stands out among all other renditions of U srinivas. That's one reason I was praising the composer (la A.R. Rahamn and higher).

Let me know if you are interested, I will post a blog on a few links to free carnatic songs (ofcourse it would be difficult to find U srinivas's music online).

Priyank said...

Yes please, that would help. Currently I have 300MB stuff - Dr. LS, KS Gopalkrishnan, MS Subbalaxmi and some U Srinivas. I'd love instrumental stuff more.
hey and the krithi - vatapi ganapati bhajeham by MS.

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