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Friday, August 03, 2007

2 hr ride

I usually get the emails from the UW cricket group as a digest. So, when I got an email about cricket practice at 6:30 pm today, I got ready to go. When I reached the place, I saw that no one was there. After waiting for 10 minutes, I realised the reason for their absence: the digest email was from the previous day!! So much for cricket.

Now I didn't want to go back home, so I decided to do a 2 hr ride to nowhere. 1hr up and 1hr down. The route was simple, go up along 15th avenue for an hour and come back the same way. I took a liter of water (I only consumed half-litre) and a few bananas. The road progressively became worse and to add to that there were these hills.. I would rather call them monsters.
Coming back I stopped at an Indian store and got a few things. Just when everything seemed fine, a climb with a steep grade (200ft climb in 300 metres) almost knocked me out (I started cramping on my heels). Anyway, this hill training is good for me since, if I plan on going anywhere near mount rainier, I better ride on some tough hills.

Going - 15kms - 1hr
Coming - 15kms - 1hr 2 mins.
Total time on bike - 1hr 45 mins
Average speed - 15kmph
Net average speed - 17kmph

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