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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Christian yoga???

Seriously, what is that? This is one of the websites that advocates christian yoga. According to one blog, "Practitioners say that Christian yoga fills a need for believers who want the health benefits of yoga but are put off by the practice's ancient Hindu roots." This really says something about the parochialness and the lack of tolerance of christianity towards other religions. It also reflects a sense of insecurity among the practitioners of christianity. And yoga as known to the world is actually Hatha yoga, which along with Karma yoga (Yoga of action), Bhakti yoga (Yoga of devotion), Jnana yoga (Yoga of Knowledge)and Raja yoga(the king of yogas) form a part of the yoga sutras of Patanjali.
The sad part is many Indians today aren't even aware of the different forms of yoga, let alone knowing more about them from literature. Karma yoga, for example,has more to do with identifying who you really are through action or work than worrying about accumulating good karma or bad karma.


Priyank said...

The last thing Yoga has to do, is with 'religion' aspect of Hinduism. I feel pity for their insecurity.

Anonymous said...

Here is a 5:44 minute video entitled
"Can a Christian Practice Yoga?"

karthik said...

Hey anonymous: Thanks for the video.
On second thoughts, I interpreted chrisitan yoga the wrong way. As the previous commenter mentioned, yoga is universal in nature. It's perfectly cool for anyone to practice yoga.

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