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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The chain that asks me to speak...

... About myself. It's also called the 'tag'. I was tagged by Priyank a week back but research work, books and erratic sleep times have put me on hold. So here goes..
Despite being lazy, I like to do un-diluted research whenever I can and in doing that I border on being a masochist. I like to borrow books from the library and read the prefaces and forewords, before returning them back. I am an idealist with changing ideals, but I do stick to a few core ones for long periods of time. I am, as many human beings would be, constantly looking for a sense of purpose in my life, and the questions which come about through such deliberations take me through myriad books in philosophy, long excursions on bikes and of late, through meditation, into the varied realms of silence. I believe in the limitlessness of the human potential and would be more than happy to see a minute nano-glimpse of this infiniteness in the smallness of my human experience.
An extrovert during my childhood days, an introvert during my adolesence to being an ambivert right now, I have traversed three-fourths of the circle.
Now for some real facts:
The time when I hit the sack during the past 9 months have spanned all of the 24 hrs.
I have run a half-marathon.
My weight has been a constant 65 kgs over the past 5 years.
The first big thing I bought when I came to Seattle was my beautiful road-bike. The cell-phone came 6 months later. The lap-top is yet to make an entry!
The chain ends here.

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