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Friday, June 01, 2007

Three things

1) I got my cycle oiled and air filled up in tires and its as good as new (been neglecting it). No creaking sounds from the chain, smooth noiseless transition between gears and last but not the least an awesome riding experience.
2) Tried my hand at free soloing today - Third time so far. Free soloing is rock climbing without the use of ropes. And truth be told, it was fking awesome. Pics wil be posted in due time.
3) I just heard from someone I met at the rock-climbing place that there are some good places at eleven worth and near sammamish river for bouldering. That would probably be a destination that I shall touch upon soon. I mean think about it. Combining biking and bouldering!!! That should be awesomely fantabulous.


final_transit said...

yea it should be!
PS: I'd never heard of the term before

Arbit said...

Yeah.. there are many more terms that I am coming to know rite now.. Will put a post on the terminology in climbing sometime soon..

Kennenisa Bekele with the WR

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