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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Rock climbing near husky stadium

The place is right next to the Husky stadium.
I was actually looking out for a friend who said that he had come by 7 pm to IMA(Intra mural association) building to play racket ball. When he didn't turn up, I did the next best thing, which turned out to be THE best thing!

The place

That is plain vertical!

The plain vertical I was talking about

I went up without much of a hassle. But I was stuck at that place for a minute, as I made some unsuccessful attempts to get down before summoning the courage to do it. Like some one said at that place, its like going to the next level (not really).

Nice moves by an experienced guy.

Gymnastics and rock climbing!

An overall view of the place. Though the place looks small, you can spend a lot of time (months) mastering moves on a single monolith. The experienced climber in the photos above told me that he comes to this place many times a week and never gets tired or bored of doing it. I have tried out successfully (atleast partly) every piece here except the tallest one. It is too technical i.e. not having many footholds and many of them too tiny for my bare foot. If I need to make progress on that big one, I definitely need shoes, but I am yet to replace my worn out running shoes. So it will have to wait. :(


final_transit said...

Nice post. I was under the impression that barefoot is better, since it gives more flexibility. Anyway, I've done rock climbing just once!

Arbit said...

The climbing shoes are very thin(like canvas shoes) and they are just like an extra layer or skin to your feet.. So you won't lose the flexibility of the feet but at the same time the shoes will prevent any scratches or injury and will provide better grip (they are a little sticky too).

Rock climbing or bouldering is fun and from my personal experience (past two weeks), I have learnt a lot and it becomes better every time I go there.

Kennenisa Bekele with the WR

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