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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Golden gardens park and beach

Located North West of the university district, this place sloping down from a mini-cliff, provides for a classic weekend getaway. Not a huge place, but many scenic locations for viewing pleasure are there. I was wishing for a sort of clear sky, but as it turned out (no surprise), it was cloudy and as I reached the place, it even began to drizzle. Add to that the early morning cold and I was pulling my jacket closer home. In India, especially in Hyderabad or Chennai, if it were to get cloudy and drizzle lightly, I would more than welcome it, I would infact go a little berserk. But that’s because when it rains in hyd, the temperature drops to a pleasant 20 – 22 degrees, not a chilly and bordering unpleasant 8-10 degrees as in Seattle.
Another disadvantage to having a misty-ish cloudy weather is that, for instance, I can see the beautiful Olympia mountains in the distance from the park, out west, but try as hard as I might, I can’t capture it half-decently despite all possible tweaks to my camera settings.
The highlights of the bike ride were meeting up with real monsters and a few good frames captured…

As I was headed out of the university, I came across a squirrel playing hide and seek on the trees.

Meet Monster 1..

Location and address..

The mini cliff descent on the way to the beach

The rail road mainly serving freight traffic from the ports of Seattle and Tacoma going up north. Amtrak commuter rail runs on these tracks too.

The olympic mountains out east..

Mystique cloudy formation..

A waterhole

The mandatory bike pic



Liked this pic a lot


From the rocks


Train pics
The railway tracks pass right through the middle of the park and I was able to take a few pics of the cars (I missed the engine).

Double stack containers..

Return of the monster..
On the ride back home..

Golden gardens park and beach

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