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Friday, April 13, 2007


I need to fix stuff bigtime.... I need to fix my life(er..this is for a separate post). My shoes are worn out and that has stopped my running for the past 1.5 months. My bike needs a fix too.. The back tire is bent and out of shape, atleast it appears to be bent when I move the bike slowly along the road.. Need to check up if there are any loose ends/screws. Long distance biking is imposs here without a spare tube, tyre and if possible a patch-up kit(or the black rectanglular tube piece and glue that our expert tyrewalas use back in India). If I can fix either one of the shoes or the bike, this weekend is bound to be fun what with some exotic destinations(read beaches) north of seattle waiting to be explored. Let's see..

Update: I fixed the bike(the bracket for the lock, air, oil, etc) but I couldn't manage a long ride partly due to a desi-meet on saturday night which went on a little late. But I am still happy climbing up the hill on the 45th street. It begins at 45th st and 25th avenue and climbs up onto 45th st and 15th avenue. I would reckon the grade for the first half of the climb is atleast a treacherous 7 degrees(145 ft or 44 metres climb over a distance of 340 metres) and as a result my legs keep getting screwed up not in the way running screws up legs..this is more like a constant heaviness/mild pain in legs as against sharp pains in the shin or knees or ankle as experienced in running. The challenge is not to get to the top fastest, but to stay on the bike all the while when doing that. I bet it would be easier to jog up the hill than bike. I should also mention that my fitness has a lot of scope for improvement and a few more such treacherous climbs should make the climb seem a little less treacherous and more like painful but manageable.
There are a lot of such hills in seattle, but I find this a little too intimidating for my taste.
Below are the top and side view of this hill/steep grade.

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