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Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Felt good. 10 minutes. A lesiure pace around the campus. Got a couple of comments from bystanders, which is usual. Don't know how my legs would respond, since I was mostly running on the pavement. My guess is it would be atleast two days before I can run again.


EP/ UK said...

This post is the one you were talking about?

Why, is pavement bad for running?

EP/ UK said...

My guess is you were talking about the one on the other blog? Have yet to read them. Mid-terms :(

Arbit said...

yep.. I was just typing that here.. When you commented again. Legs will take more pounding, whether you are wearing shoes or not, when you run on a hard surface(such as asphalt or concrete) as against on a soft surface(such as sand and hard mud). But the trade off comes in terms of speed. You obviously will have difficulty running in the sand but your legs wont take pounding either.

The other extreme is running or asphalt, you will be faster but the pounding is much more.

The better option or lets say the middle path is running on trails, where the mud is neither too hard nor too soft that your legs sink in.

Now as for barefoot vs shoes goes,
the pounding is more pronounced when you are not wearing shoes, but then your form also gets better. So here again, we see a trade off between pounding and form(which has to do with the efficient ways of running). I guess I can turn this into a post, because barefoot running has other technicalities associated, which I can't go into now :D

To summarise:
Barefoot running(without experience)+ asphalt = worst case scenario
Barefoot running(with experience) + mud running = A long term best case scenario.

Shoes + asphalt/mud running falls in between

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