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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

On eyes being the door to another reality

He was headed towards the quadrangle in the hostel to play a game or two of cricket, dressed up in his usual gear of tshirt, shorts and now ofcourse, his 2 year old reebok shoes. He could see some junta assembled on the ground and as he took a closer look at them from the second floor he was on, all the while walking towards the stairs, he was given a thorough shoulder shake. Pg (as he was called much to his dislike) gave a nod to his friend, Safari who had pleasantly surprised him but then his presence had been a harbinger of something unexpected. Suddenly things didn't seem all right, or atleast he wasn't seeing things right...
"Safari, I am not able to look straight, my vision has tunneled down.. literally. I can't see you, but I can see your legs. I can see the door we are approaching right now, but I can't see the bolt on the door nor the room number. The only way I can look straight is by moving my head up. My vision is slanted and it sucks man.", Pg spoke hastily with desperation reflected in his speech.
Safari replied nonchalantly, "So you want to play cricket right now?".
"Ob, aren't we headed over there right now", remarked Pg with a touch of annoyance.
'Yeah, but then your vision is screwed up right', continued Safari.
"So what do I do?" replied Manoj clearly uncomfortable and wanting a way out of this seemingly preplexing problem.
'Why don't you look up and force your eyes to look straight, what's preventing you from forcing your eyes open?', replied Safari.
"Hmm..yeah my eyes seem to be half-closed. Let me try opening them to their full functionality". It was as if he was unaware that the solution to his current problem might be to just open his eyes.
Now, Pg found a stiff resistance to this exercise of opening his eyes. His eyes seemed to have conspired into being partially functional...for some reason.

Pg didn't give up. He pressed harder in an effort to attain clarity of sight. His eyes couldn't take the strain anymore, and he found himself opening his eyes into the waking state. That was a beautiful dream he thought, a dream that had a physical connection with reality.

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