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Friday, September 29, 2006

Tread mill running

Today I went to check out the IMA(Intra mural association) on the UW campus and since I had registered for classes, I was allowed access to the place unlike the last time. What put me off, when I got in there was to see the number of people on the treadmill. Its like packing a herd of sheep into an enclosure and asking them to go around. They had all be trying to get around but would be in the same place all the while. Ofcourse, that's not an exact analogy and I am not trying to be offensive on the treadmill runners, but my point is running is better done outdoors with all the sights and sounds, unless ofcourse it rains heavily. I might switch to tread mills, given an option, in the dead of winter when the only way you can run is covering up your whole body from head to toe with some sort of clothing or other.
Allright, so I heard that there's an indoor track in the IMA. I went to check that out and well it is a little better off to run on than treadmills, but nevertheless is a bad way to do your run.
And where do serious track runners train on? The husky stadium..bad. Whenever you have the rugby( I prefer to call "soccer" as football as is known in the rest of the world) games coming up on saturday afternoons, you have these people doing band practices and stuff and occupying a good part of track turf all around. I say, I am no elite athlete, but if I want to do interval running on track, am I able to do that. No. Man, back in IIT it was so much better. I would run on roads, and finish off my run with a nice sprint or two on the track. You just need the track to do speed workouts, no where else is a good place for that.
Anyway, I would end this post with a heads up to this video on tread mill dancing.


lavanya said...

dude!! everywhere IITM seems to be better- if it is using the treadmill for you, its sitting and sipping coffee in nescafe for me :(

Arbit said...

Yep..I miss hot lemon at gurunath big time

Kennenisa Bekele with the WR

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