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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Mistakes repeated - chennai Marathon

Yesterday, someone asked me if I am running the chennai Marathon. I told him that I wasn't prepared enough to run it and anyways the organisation is poor. He replied back saying that this time it was big with 20,000 runners participating, more than twice that of last year. I told him, the numbers don't matter, what matters most is that they allow runners sufficient time to finish.
But I did have some hope that the organisers would learn from their previous mistakes.
Alas, Murphy's law has a special significance as far as chennai marathon is concerned.
It seems, the runners who passed the 28 - 30 km mark beyong 3 hrs were asked to leave the course - how pathetic is that?? Man, it is not that the organisers are unaware of how international marathons are conducted - They simply don't care. You extract money out of first time marathoners and people who run for the heck of it and don't care about the time, and finally you ask them to move off the course? Where in the world does this happen?
The lesser it's said about the Chennai Marathon website, the better.


NaiKutti said...

["the runners who passed the 28 - 30 km mark beyong 3 hrs were asked to leave the course"] -- that really sucks!... is this info from a trusted source?... but given the condictons, it may not be all that bitter to accept this pathetic act!!

arbit said...

The only reason organisers could site would be that the traffic can't be closed for ever, but the runner is ready to go for the full distance, knowing fully well the conditions...No, citing the conditions is not a justifiable reason for this stupidity.

This says it all:

arbit said...

Oh allright...I thought u were referring to the heat :-)

NaiKutti said...

ooops... my wording was wrong and it read like i was justifying the act... NO... i meant that given the organizer's conditions and lack of organizing exposure, it is very much possible that this happened!!

Ram Viswanathan said...

Karthik & Naikutti

The police stopped us. period. Four (Shumit, Hari, Ajendra & I) us wanted to proceed further but the Officer simply stoppped us. He even flagged down an ambulance to take us back to the starting point.

If the pre-run shenanigans were upsetting, this abrupt ending was a absolute put off and made us angry.

Kennenisa Bekele with the WR

Robbie Mcewen and steve o'grady - The 'Nudge'