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Friday, February 10, 2006

All time low

The last two weeks had been really hectic(procrastination is a tough task master) as I had to work (some one said meticulous work ethic is the best..hmmph) towards getting tangible results for the evaluation which I had on the first of this month. And who said debugging was an easy job; just when you thought everything was fine and dandy, you suddenly realise that the program isn't compatible(for some strange reason) when you have a c source code and c++ header files. Anyway, I somehow managed to get it working in the nick of time.
I always thought (at least during the last two years) that "I could run 10 laps (4 kms) in the stadium any day, even if I hadn't run for more than 3 weeks". But today I discovered the amount of truth in that assertion when I barely managed 5 laps. My legs felt really weak during the run as if all the calf-muscles had been wasted (atrophy).
My fitness now is at an all-time low, but the good news is that the final evaluation isn't due till april end, so I might get a good amount of time to work on regularising my runs.


pushkala said...

i didnt understand a word of the Running jargon ( laps.. pain etc) but i found one powerful word that has caused all this trouble .. "procrastination!" procrastination is the hinge of all virtues!!
aneway thanks for the comment!

arbit said...

Thanks pushk for the comment. yep procrastination is some thing indeed.

arbit said...

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