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Monday, December 26, 2005

Regular cycling

X and me went for another regular road rash inisde the campus, so to speak.
The route was simple: Gajendra circle to the main gate and back - a distance of 3.8 kms done 3 times. As my left thigh was giving me problems, I took the first two laps easy and was dead fast in the last lap. The splits were 7:15, 7:23 and 6:50 - a total of 21:30 for 11.4 kms - an average speed of 31kmph. Not a bad timing, but not good enough for the cycling race held every april. The rumour which has been passed down the generations is that the best time is 18 minutes. Hell, everyone believes that is true.
Lets see, 18 minutes for 11.4 kms would mean 38 kmph - Hmm, now if anyone can average that speed for this distance, he or she should be competing at the international level.
As for me, I would be happy to get my time down to 20 minutes.


NaiKutti said...

don't know much about the timings... doesn't the gymkhana have some records??... but given the amount of cycling u do, am sure u can win and hopefully u have 2 more hostel mates who can pool in to get gold for ur hostel... we did that once with just 1 month of practice...

arbit said...

The record seems to be around 20 minutes. The timing is not a problem, with enough practice as you state we should get close to it. The important thing seems to be the strategy to be adopted during those 3 laps :-)

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