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Friday, December 02, 2005

Gave my last exam of my undergrad life today. Don't feel overjoyed about it , but its definitely a relief. Now I can focus on things that need urgent attention, without having to fear flunking an exam: Go on a long over-due outing, Ramp up my running mileage, and get a strong foothold on my project work.
The second thing is necessary for me to finish the bangalore half mary, the latter one is pretty critical as its got everything to do with my career.
The first one's a tentative plan to go to Pondicherry. Cycling. 148kms. Actually my friend and me were almost going to do it in the middle of the sem, but I backed out due to some reasons. Got to take care of a lot of constraints(food, highway robbery, water, shelter, stamina!, enthu!!) for this trip.
The other thing on my mind is sleep a lot..


Ben, aka BadBen said...

I nice blog. Keep running!

NaiKutti said...

exams are finally over???... coool man...

cycling to pondy?... make sure the roads/routes are good and out of water... u would be better off if u run the half first and then do the cycling (hoping that no more rains batters TN)

arbit said...

@Ben : Thanks dude

@naikutti: yeah...wil do one or the other...mostly the other

prem said...

ahhh!.....i envy u for this man...
i always wanted to go cycling to pondy....
dude tell me about it when u return.....atleast i can persue a bit of it through you..
happy going!

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