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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Badwater Ultra Marathon

Imagine running two of the hardest 100 miles races in the world (non stop ofcourse) in a span of two weeks.......That's what Scott Jurek(pronounced yurek) has managed to do....simply amazing.
Having won the Western states( ultra Marathon for the seventh consecutive time and having rolled seven times at the finish line as a gesture of that feat, the champion wanted more fun...So he decides to do what is considered the toughest foot race on earth - Badwater Ultra marathon (..., and top it all, he won it by setting a course record of 24:36:08...Hats off to you man!!!!.

The bad water ultra marathon is a 135 mile race which starts in the death valley (85.5 m below sea level) and ends in the great peak of Mt. Whitney. What makes it the toughest race is that the marathoners have to endure peak temperatures of 55 degrees celsius during the day, not to mention the elevation changes as they proceed towards the peak. As a result, all the runners have their own separate crew(ususally 4 people) who assist the runner throughout the run by driving beside him in a car. Typical stuff inside the car include, tons of food, water and tubs of ice(if the runner felt a need to cool off!). Not more than 100 people participate in this race( July 11th - 13th) and rightly so! The average age of the runners is around 45 and most of them have several ultras in their kitty.
Most of them aim only to finish the race(which by itself is a great achievement) and the average time of finish is around 45 hrs!!!!.

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