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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Discovery park again

Felt an impulse to go to the discovery park. It was cloudy when I started, but when I hit the discovery park, it was sunny! The last time I had been to discovery park, it was cloudy to begin with and midway through the hike it started raining!

I decided to explore the South beach and South bluff(or cliff) of the discovery park and this side has some gorgeous views of Mount olympics. At one point (you are standing at the edge of the cliff) you can see the cliff dropping down a few 100 feet into the beach, then there's the puget sound lake, then a few islands, and then the mt. olympics..One of the mountains in the Olympic ranges reminds me of the mountain in the Lord of the rings. Also looking at these mountains in their glory brings out a tune in my mind... 'Will you follow me?' by Rob Dougan (youtube it to listen). Didn't have a camera (gifted it to my family) to capture the scenery. Altogether, a rejuvenating 2 hr hike.


Lara Robinson said...

This sounds beautiful! I'm in Colorado and the Rocky Mountains are a lot different from Mt. Olympus, but the hike sounds phoenomenal!

karthik said...

Yep, it was beautiful. Thanks for visiting my blog. Colorado, I guess is way ahead in terms of the sheer number of mountains..the 52 fourteeners. You must be having a lot of fun running/hiking out there.
Your blog looks great, hinting on combining running and spirituality!

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