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Sunday, January 14, 2007

More exotic fusion music

This can be considered a follow-up post to the The fusion route to Indian classical Music.
I found some nice videos on the tube, a couple of days back:
1) Percussion tango: Tabla(Zakir Hussain) meets the Japanese Drum
- Here. Its wonderful to see how the Japanese drummer starts out tentatively, but then gradually gets into perfect rhythm with the Tabla. Reminded me of the drums used for the music played in the carnival in Matrix II.
2) Guitar and Sitar - Here. Reminds me of the music background for the serial "Bomkesh Bakshi" aired on DD1. This piece has an excellent beginning and ending, with pop level music in between, interspersed with classical notes on sitar.
3) Guitar and Tabla - Here. Worth a click.
4) Guitar, Indian ensemble, Zakir Hussain and John Mclaughlin : Then and now. Same music and spirit.
5) Trance and Tabla?? Seriously, check it out here.
6) Beenie man and Tabla!! - Here
7) Another fusion with Tabla - Tabla Guy - Here

These are really an aside and not fusion per se(thought it would be good to put stuff in one place):
8) Tabla dude, Zakirs' tutelage - here
9) Zakir and Shiva Kumar(Santoor) - here
10) An intro by Suresh to mridangam, a south Indian percussion instrument - here
11) An intro by Suresh to ghatam, again, another south Indian percussion instrument - here
12) An intro to South Indian classical(carnatic) vocal by Soumya - here
13) Alam Khan's intro to Sarod - Here

Finally, unrelated to fusion music or classical music (call them psychedelic if you will), one of my favourite rock songs(click here to know why) ever:
14) Blue oyster cult, 'Astronomy' Live - Here
15) Drums to the above music - remix - Here


Priyank said...

good stuff. I liked Sitar and Guitar the most.
(Although personally I'm quite a purist)

Prabhu said...

wow i bumped in on your blog while looking for info on yogi b madai thiranthu.. its nice that u got some fusion links here, i adore the sitar/guitar.. yet to listen to the others!

Arbit said...

@priyank: Thanks. That's my favourite among the list too.

@Prabhu: Yeah, last one month I have gotten many hits from people looking for madai thiranthu. Yeah the sitar/guitar is a unique one.

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