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Monday, December 18, 2006

What's your speed?

According to the special theory of relativity that's no question. Its a fact. Every single object in the universe we know of, you and me included, is always in motion at the speed of light.
What if I were at rest(relative), say I am sitting in front of the computer reading this blog? Then you are not moving through space, but through time at the speed of light(c). Since space-time is considered as one medium in relativity, at any given point in time your combined motion in space and time would be at the speed of light.
And what if you were to be travelling at the speed of light, i.e. to say your speed through space is 1 billion kmph. Then you wouldn't be a time traveller(you wouldn't age at all). This gives a new perspective to time. Its not that time is passing by, it's that we are passing through time(time travellers) and we can control the rate of passing or speed through time, by controlling the speed through space. The sad part is, no one's come up with a way to go back in time. Ok, enough said.

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