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Friday, June 02, 2006

New pondy

Bombay's been rechristined mumbai, madras - chennai, culcutta - kolkatta and finally bangalore - bangaleru. But wait, is that all? Next in line as proposed and approved by the central cabinet is a new name for pondicherry a.k.a 'new pondicherry name'. Considering that all the other cities have been renamed such that the length of the new names are proportional to those of their former names, I wondered as to what possible new name our good old pondicherry would receive. Pondicherry can be shortened to a neat nick name of 'pondy'. I wondered if the rechristined version of pondicherry could also be as elegantly nicknamed. Horrors of horrors, Puducherry, the new name is way off in our nicknaming scheme of things. But the thing is 'pudu' means new in tam and is sort of consistent with the need for a 'new pondy name'.That is to say the new pondy name is infact 'new pondy'. This is amazing because it reaffirms the fact that the name pondy will never go out of circulation but will sutiably adapt to become a mutated version called the 'new pondy'. Here's to the glory of the never-say-die spirit of pondy.

P.S. :)

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