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Thursday, January 12, 2006


Here are some arbitly strange things that have happened in the vicinity of my conciousness during the past few days:

- I have set or rather a speck of a particle has set a record for the maximum duration
of irritation that has been caused to any of my eyes since my birth - The speck caught me unawares on my return trip from Mahabalipuram and had been probing my eye for more than a week.

- Placements are going on in full swing out here and I get detailed account of people clearing the interviews and getting placed and I don't seem to show even an iota of concern towards securing a slot. I don't believe in fate either.

- I seem to be hitting extremes with unerring accuracy. Case in point: The previous week saw me drawing inspiration from Kumbhakarana which resulted in my sleeping on an average 12 - 14 hrs a day. The other extreme is happening this week, now, even as I blog this post, which is being awake for more than 20 hrs a day. Surely my health is going to take a beating if I continue doing this yin-yang oscillation.

- Breakfast being good for health is a general notion and I am definitely for it but I miss out on it due to a highly cultivated sleeping schedule that ensures that I get up no earlier than the mess closing time, except on days when I turn into an insomniac. I see it as a trade-off between good nights or days sleep and good food(yep continental food is a definite speciality of our mess!!!). As regards adjusting my sleeping schedule, it being ingrained in my system since entering IIT, it would be a herculean task to effect a change and yes I have done that many times
with no success. But there is definitely a charm to being awake all night, you either get up at 3 am or crash at 3am. I do the latter.


NaiKutti said...

take care of ur eyes dude... placements take it easy, it will fall in place... and for the breakfast, can't u not tell the supie to have a plate for you, we guys used to do that as we knew the supie to a good extent...

arbit said...

Eyes are good now. Private catering with virtually no supi(from insti), that late meals system is gone.

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