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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


I haven't really been having a good time the last 2 days, especially taking rest all day in my room....But I have been able to avoid a few other things I would normally have to attend to....Classes, meeting my project guide, and a seminar too. The real irritating thing about the combination of cold, fever and dry throat is..You are feeling hot and stuffy, but can't increase the speed of the fan. You try to take rest during the day and fall asleep eventually but get up abruptly after some wierd dreams that don't make any sense......
As the condition of my throat worsened, I was forced to visit the famous Institute hospital for which we pay an insurance every semester(similar to CGHS)....The hospital is really large area wise, but only two storeys tall and is well camoflauged with all the greenery around. As I took my prescription booklet from the reception and sat down in the waiting lounge, I casually browsed through the booklet, and noticed that I had last visited the hospi 1 year back and that I had visited the same hospi atleast a 10 times during my 1st and 2nd year...whew!!... My room mate in the first year had asked me once as to why I fell ill so frequently..I had no answer(I didn't frequently run then??).....
The other day when I was having a casual discussion with my guide, I mentioned that I never fall ill these days..perhaps I was too over confident or maybe it was a sign that I was going to fall sick (what is commonly called 'nazar lagna'), but that's exactly what happened.

Falling sick is not a great thing, but atleast I get a warning when its coming... !

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NaiKutti said...

your line" I had no answer(I didn't frequently run then??)....." made me post this:

i always have to do some sporting activity else i won't get a good sleep ;-) and even whenever i have a fever or cold i don't miss out on the sporting sessions... and whenever am injured (occasionally back pains, and now knee injuries), i feel i have lost somethin.

yes, the feeling after u get drowned in sweat is totally awesome... :-)

Kennenisa Bekele with the WR

Robbie Mcewen and steve o'grady - The 'Nudge'